Team MGtv Picked their KPL XI of the 2019/20 Season so far…

So, I know you are probably wondering well, this is interesting, and you are right. This is a look at Madgoat TV’s Correspondents’ KPL First 11 before Covid-19 unceremoniously stopped reggae.

First of all we asked all our correspondents to pick their preferred Top 11 in the Kenyan Premier League. We then did a scan and picked the top names that featured in each of the selected teams. Then we will put the position that doesn’t have two or more similar selections to a poll for you the fans to decide who joins the Madgoat KPL 11 for the 2019/20 season. Then finally make it clear that this is a preferred list and not an official list. Sticks and stones. We will leave a tab at the end where you can pick your best 11 and we will publish it in a follow up post because this is a democracy.

Let’s start with Greg Mulemi who is also a known AFC Leopards Fan (Loud Whisper, LOL). Here is Greg’s List. He went with a balanced 4-4-2 formation.

Curtis Mohammed picked the following: A false 9 based 4-3-3.

Charles Onyango went with a direct 4-4-2 diamond.

Peter Kirumba went with this an all-out 4:3:3 attack with 3 Strikers:

Finally Ruth Arege goes with a defensively solid 3-4-3 squad;

So, what is your pick for the KPL 11 Squad in our preferred 4-4-2 diamond formation used by majority of the KPL teams? We will pick the majority 11 and the squad will be announced on Monday.

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