You do not know rugby if you don’t stand up and clap when you hear Kenya Shujaas. Kenya has the loudes and the proudest fans in world Rugby. And all this is attributed to the fact that these warriors on the pitch fight to win.Rugby is a valued and beloved sport in Kenya…
Locally, its been a magicall battle between the Millers of Kabras and the Lions of KCB. An age long rivalry only witnessed in the Kenya Cup and 7s Circuit. KCB Winning both The Kenya Cup and 7s Circuit With internationals like Philip Wokorach making headlines. It will be a 2020 to look out for. The Kenya 7s team has been bullying other nations on the international stage…with a splendid run in the Capetown 7s culminating a tremendous year in rugby. We honour the ladies…the Kenya Lionesses and the Kenya 15s teams for braving the odds to lift the Kenyan Flag high. Truly its been a Rugby year and Kenya has stood firm in the continent and in the World and we honor all these G.O.A.T.s as the Greatest Of All Time

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